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    Oceans Yachting’s three principal experts have over 60 years of experience in flag, class compliance, acquisition and build programs. Our process uses superior methods and operating standards to fill existing industry gaps.  Oceans Yachting successfully saves yacht owners time and money. Further, our product provides owners peace of mind knowing their asset is professionally guided through complex and obscure commercial yachting regulations. Oceans Yachting’s extensive knowledge in the areas of ISPS, ISM and MLC make us the ideal choice for the serious owner.


    In a sea of maritime businesses, Oceans Yachtings service stands alone with seasoned professionals at the helm. Our journey is defined by a commitment to excellence, utilizing a process that provides superior service to our clients.




    Our engineering experience is unmatched within the industry . From main engine repair to sophisticated calculations and analysis. Oceans Yachting has the high level of practical and academic experience needed to successfully support your engineering needs. Our focus on preventive maintenance, daily service, inspections, and timely corrective action reduces engineering surprises, schedule delays, and lifecycle costs. Our engineering acumen includes all ship systems, new and old, including, hydraulics, reverse osmosis, electric plant, propulsion plant, AC plant, gray, black and potable water, auxiliaries, pumps, transmissions, exhaust, electronics, communications, software & IT, fuel systems and tanks.

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    Company Profile

    Aaron Abramowitz

    CEO - USCG Master Oceans 1600/3000

    David Abramowitz

    Head of Engineering

    Ahmed Majumder

    Buisness & Computer Technology Specialist

    David Smith

    Senior Yacht Consultant